How it Works

Good Day, To You Dear Reader,

I want to give you a little instruction on working with me.

  1. Read the book.
  2. Ask the questions:
    1. Do I want to know myself – Mind, Body, Emotions, and Soul?
    2. Do I want to understand how my Mind creates my reality?
    3. Do I want to unlearn bad habits, old ways of being that cause me suffering?
    4. Do I want to understand how the brain and body can create healing?
    5. Do I want to heal myself – Mind, Body, Emotions, and Soul?
    6. Do I want a better relationship with those whom I love?
    7. Do I want to learn to communicate to myself in a loving manner?
    8. Do I want to learn these things in from an expert who has compassion and understanding who will not judge me, but instead, offers me tools to move through my own judgment?
    9. Am I willing to spend 10 hours a week working on my conscious life?
    10. Am I willing to spend $200 a month to take on this task?
    11. Am I open to working with my subconscious mind to support my life?
    12. Am I willing to forgive myself along the way?
  3. If you, read the book,  answered yes to the questions above, then the next step is a free strategy session.

To set up your free strategy session to see if Karen and you are a good fit to work on Living Consciously then you can either email Karen at, or call  (503) 762-3118 and talk to Karen in person, or just go to her calendar and set up your free strategy session.

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During your strategy session, Karen will learn about your current level of Conscious Living. She will ask you questions about how you handle stress, your life goals, or lack thereof. She will ask you to talk about your relationships with yourself, your world, and the people around you. She will ask you about your spiritual beliefs and how you hold your relationship with the subtle world.

By deep listening and understanding where you are now, where you want to be, and how you want to get there Karen will suggest courses based on the Living Consciously Education Program, Life Skills Training or Leadership, and Development Courses. If you already know what courses you would like to take Karen will discuss your ideas and come up with a recommendation.

Each course is $197 a month, regardless of the length of time it takes you to complete a course. Most courses are completed in four weeks.

The length of your Coaching Agreement will be determined by your desire, the courses you would like to explore, and your time availability.

Most clients Coach for one to two years. However, some clients want to get in, get the skills they want. If that is you, then plan on a three-month agreement.

The technical:

You set up your own appointments. You choose the date and time that works best for you.

Karen will meet you on a conference line. If you want the session can be recorded for your use only. Karen give this quick note: “I prefer to record the session for your use if you chose to not record your session you are responsible for taking notes.”

You gain access to the GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center Coaching Console a “Private Client Website”. This is a website you limited access to, each client has their own data stored in the Console which you will have access to your own portal with your unique Username and Password. Confidentiality is important to Karen and the website saves your communications so even after you stop coaching you can access your unique console to review documents, homework, or access your recordings at any time.

(Your data and your “Private Client Website” are protected with multiple levels of security: “https” protected pages, username, and password protection, plus 256-bit encryption technology.)

Karen came to the table with tools to move me forward and get me from stuck to unstoppable. Her insight, intuition and kindness have been invaluable to me! Karen, thank you for believing in me and showing me how to believe in myself!

Karen is and expert who play’s to our strengths. I knew this was the right time to work with her, because I still had healing to do. She helped pinpoint the areas that need to occur in.

Karen Monteverdi, CPC is professional I recommend her to anyone to take action in making their lives better.
~ DANA Optimal Balance Coaching 

Anyone who has not received business coaching from Karen is really missing out. She has taught me so many things in the last several months of my life that I wish I would have known her years ago.  ~ KIMBERLY Certified Meditation Instructor