Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society

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This book is a non-linear guide to Living Consciously.

The book “Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society”, became a #1 bestseller in 2012.  Since then, the author Karen Monteverdi, CPC has written forty-four workshops that help the reader to use the concepts from the book.



Living Consciously: In An Ego Driven Society

#1 Best Selling Author Karen Monteverdi, CPC
Awaken to the Simplicity of Life

From the beginning, the reader recognizes this is not your ordinary step-by-step process of help. This is a non-linear exploration of the depths one would take to become healthy in whole. The reader learns how to utilize their mind to create the expression of life to support them completely.

“My intent in this book and my experiences will help you in your quest for conscious living. It is through conscious practices, mindfulness, and our imagination we create true healing for our mind-body relationship. There are many gifts throughout this book. The achievement of this writing is through grace and gratitude and will guide you within one of the key laws of the universe. This law is the law of knowledge. You are a creator in your personal reality of life. Awareness is key in designing your operational manual.” Karen Monteverdi, CPC

Table of Contents

Family Orientation 

I have learned that coming from a destructive and unhealthy childhood environment does not mean I must remain there.

Child of Yours, Mine and Ours: Total #21

I knew there were people out there who held different views of the world and who had created a different set of circumstances for themselves … circumstances in which they thrived.

A New Way to Live

I moved on, learning all I could about how life could be.

A New Experience of Life

My newly found freedom was such an inspiration to me that I made it part of my mission in life to help others understand their abilities.

The First Ideas of Being Conscious

To me, the word conscious means an awareness of the underlying programming in one’s operational code. Mind-body-spirit connection is considered “self-awareness.”

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection – Introduction by Dr. Ryce

This body of work presents tools that can be used to manage your mind, body, relationships, and life.

A New Beginning of Consciousness

As we grow into adulthood, we gradually become programmed or indoctrinated into our world and start to realize how we need to behave in order to survive, based on our familial and social surroundings.  Eventually we begin to question the social indoctrination…

The Wisdom Of the Ages

Sometimes I felt the things my parents taught me would forever burden me…
Discovery of patterns in our subconscious is as easy as seeing the evidence around us….
… Learning to create a healthy self- evaluation is one of the key factors in becoming aware of one’s operational code.

My Mentors

We take big risks in our lives because we have created a space of safety where failure is not shunned but is celebrated for what it teaches us.  Even through our greatest challenges, we live in joy.

The Classes and Technology – Case Study

Healing through Living Consciously, Theories & Conjecture. A Coach’s Journey, A Case Study by Karen S. Monteverdi, CPC

What I Have Learned and Now Teach

When we begin to explore introspectively for the actual directive of the commitment that is where the fun begins.

Living Consciously in an Ego-Driven Life

One of the distinctions coaches make about self-defeating beliefs or behaviors is that at one time or another these things were survival mechanisms.

Some of the Laws of Conscious Living

The laws of conscious living create freedom in our experience of life.  These laws are expansive as we evolve.

The Calling – Where it All is Leading Me

I believe, we must wake up to our own power and empathy and to our own inspiration and motivation if we are to create a planet that will sustain us and nurture our children to come. We must affirm the greatness of humanity. The way to do this is by affirming our own greatness. We cannot create what we do not have inside ourselves. We must stand up and take back our lives.

From the Universe – My Own Gift

Each individual’s unique viewpoint deserves dignity and respect, acknowledgment and validation. When we live consciously we honor each being in existence, we can put down our arms and begin to tear down our own old structures that no longer serve. These old structures, or operational codes, are replaced by a foundation of perspectives from which we can create a highly rewarding, self-actualized life.

Where From Here?

I write this book with great awe of the universe, self, and life in all forms, and I naturally wonder where we go from here. The possibilities are endless.

The Miracles I Have Been Part Of

Positive thoughts are vital to becoming our own best friend, thus creating harmony in the mind and body.

Methodologies of GEEC Teachings

The Courses:
The Living Consciously Education Program:

You Are Not Your Past
Parenting Your Inner Child
Being Your Adults Ideal Self-Parent
The Nature of Emotions
Realizing Your Values
The Cure of Forgiveness
Experiential Evidence, Body Intelligence
Words Create Reality
Break the addiction of Hate/Fear
Action Based, Forward Focus
Retrain The Brain
Activating Your Support
Communicating What You Want
Create A Powerful Life
Being Your Own Best Friend
Emotions Are Tools
Laws of Conscious Living

Life Skills Training Program

Integrity, Authenticity
Awareness of Patterns
Responsibility, Accountability
Trusting Yourself and Others
Experiential Evidence
Emotional Addictions
Value-Based Living
Evaluation & Insight Effectiveness
Organize Your Mind
Focus & Energy
Time Management
Planning Within Your Life’s Purpose
Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society

Leadership & Development Training Program

Quality Control & Assurance
Circle of Influence
Career Strategic Planning – Benchmarking
Communicating Your Authenticity – Commitment
Time for the Project Manager
Authentic Appreciation
Impact & Payoff Defined & Utilized
Organize Your Mind
The Managers 4-levels of Insight
5-Minute Stress Management
Respect, Rest, and Resume

About The Author:


Karen Monteverdi, CPC was born in 1965 in Sacramento California, USA. Her family moved to Oregon when she was 6 months old. Growing up in Oregon gave her the love of the great outdoors. Karen was educated at Mount Hood Community College, Clackamas Community College, The International Coaching Academy and the school of hard knocks.

As a computer-aided design drafter in the field of structural and civil engineering, she began managing departments, technology and people at age 19. Karen had a long and industrious career in the field of engineering, she was a super-star as one boss described her. She had an uncanny ability to create solutions for all types of engineering problems, she was a natural at seeing systems and the flow of energy needed to be expended to create the most effective and expedient results. Bosses loved her because she always was able to save them time, money and make them look like the genius they often were.

In 1996-1999 Century West Engineering almost lost a 17 million dollar contract with the Port of Portland. Karen showed the company owner how adding a software package could save the contract. Although Karen had no training in the system she was confident that she could teach herself and others the very complicated Computer Aided Drafting and Design software in a few weeks. The owner of the company agreed it was a big risk but the return on investment would be worth the risk. After a risk assessment team identified the issues, Karen went through each line item and addressed the issues getting to the heart of the matter. The company was awarded the three-year contract.

In 1999, Karen was recruited to save another contract with PLS Surveys, Inc. in Alameda California; this time with the Port of Oakland. Though Karen had no background in surveying other than civil drafting, she was hired as a Survey Tech for the contract at the Port of Oakland. During that time she was awarded the title of Technical Manager and proceeded to rank above all others in higher positions in the geodetic survey office. During this time Karen again created an opening to shine when she taught the entire group how to use the most updated software program at the time to calculate volumetric calculations. This was important because an outside firm had claimed a $20 million error on their contract. Karen created a team, taught them the software, and began systematically calculated the information to solve the issue. There was information that spanned decades that had to be utilized and recovered. Karen and her team were able to draw the conclusion for all sides to resolve the situation peacefully.

Karen has a gift of innovative thinking, stretching herself and others beyond what they thought was possible. Self-esteem she says it typically the largest obstacle for people. They do not realize how much time, money and energy they waste on not believing in themselves. Once someone begins to open up to possibilities they begin to open doors of opportunity. If someone has a burning desire to accomplish something but does not see the solution, they hire Karen Monteverdi, CPC to help them open their eyes to the solution that will help them attain their burning desire.

In 2004, Karen began to show signs of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from a combination of childhood trauma and the loss of her beloved husband, Chris. Karen grew up in a family of incest in 1980 Karen stood in front of the grand jury and told her story. That opened the door for Karen to discover most of what she had been taught about life was untrue.

Karen was determined to heal her PTSD, after being on countless medications and going to every type of practitioner, doctor, therapist, and healer to heal herself she was unsuccessful. In a moment of desperation Karen gave it all up, she sat down and said to herself “look you have the ability to fix this, now do it”. Knowing that she could; she sat down and created a system and process to heal her self. After that, she took what she knew and returned to Oregon.

When she returned to Oregon she discovered her sister was suffering from agoraphobia, PTSD, anxiety and was in fear of losing her home. She couldn’t work consistently and she had four young children at home she was trying to raise. The first thing Karen did was to help her sister get assistance from the state so she could let go of her job. Then she encouraged her to utilize other systems to help her get stable enough to begin to heal herself. Kathy who has testimonials below; was able to show cause to become supported through the social security disability act. Once she began to feel the lessened burden of her home and financial situation Karen then helped her set up systems and processes for time management. Kathy was unable to do the simplest of things such as go to the grocery store; the lights and colors overwhelmed her, people scared her and she would become physically ill. After a period of time, Kathy began to trust that Karen had a solution. Together they worked on Kathy’s spirit, mind, emotional and physical bodies to become whole again. Her brain chemistry stabilized, she was able to stop taking her medication under her doctor’s supervision. She felt good, she was able to then recognize her calling in life to become a massage therapist. Kathy has finished school and now owns her own business as a licensed massage therapist in the State Of Oregon. She was able to let of Social Security and now lives an empowered life.

Karen is ravenous to learn about social structures, belief systems and the awareness of healing. It took less than two decades for her to perfect a process that was transforming, repeatable and effective 100% of the time if a client was willing to put 100% effort and commitment into their healing process. Now she offers the system to the public, not for just healing but for overcoming any obstacle in life or in business.

Karen’s passion is to work with small businesses (under 100 employees) and solo entrepreneurs. Karen has used what she learned to create a repeatable and effective process using the mind, emotions, the heart, the soul and the body in a completely intuitive experiential process that allows one to exponentially increase the depth and breadth of their healing process. It is not necessarily an easy process but it is simple. The re-traumatizing through the memories with typical therapies was a huge barrier for Karen in her own healing process and was convinced there was a solution. Karen created a method that took re-traumatizing out of the equation, this is coaching, much different from therapy. Here we help you use all of your senses to stay present while you heal your past.

Karen was a natural born educator of systems and process in the field of engineering. By 2006, she began giving classes to teens & adults in her modest home concerning something she called living consciously. Today the famous works of her mentors and teachers throughout the years have inspired her to create a new curriculum to Live Consciously in a world torn by ego. By 2009 she graduated from the International Coaching Academy and became a Certified Professional Coach. Sean, her husband joined the team so moved by the transformations he saw around him and wanted to add grounded spiritual awareness to the education process. Together they create a view that incorporates spiritual practices, body awareness, and conscious living in everyday experiences.

Karen Monteverdi, CPC wrote her book Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society, in 2010. This milestone cemented the rapid spread of the processes and tools to Live Consciously across the World. In addition, the Monteverdi’s developed their single ideas about how to create peace within; into 18 separate classes to help the general public learn how to incorporate peace and harmony in everyday life. They began offering the new training along with the book and workbooks.

The company name, GreenMountain Enrichment, and Empowerment Center was chosen because of their name, Monteverdi means Mountain Green in Italian. Together, their work is leaving a legacy of empowered people throughout the world. Their work continues to help individuals, groups and companies set their core principles into every word, thought and action of their daily lives.

Responding to contemporary needs, the first Living Consciously Transformational Training Program© was created in 2010. Their work continues to expand into Life Skills Training and Leadership and Development courses for those who want to expand their practices into their family or work life.

In 2010, the book, courses, and seminars have been given unofficial accolades by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Gabor Mate. The book has received official promotions by Tony Burroughs and the Intenders of The Highest Good. Reverend Llenar Bragg of the show No Out There and The Law of Attraction for Happiness Group in Portland Oregon.

Karen Monteverdi, CPC has been heard on local, and national radio programs. She continues to promote the book and workshops through speaking engagements.

The Monteverdi’s Strategic Presentation Workshop (now known as their signature program called Self-Knowledge is Self-Power) was developed in 2010. During 2010 and 2011 intense research utilizing focus groups and offering the workshops for free results were astounding. The idea of the workshop grew out of a need for small businesses to discover their ability to speak to their audience with integrity. As the business model for small businesses in 2009 transformed from a competitive market to complimentary market owners needed a way to work together and find their true identity in the world. What happened was a workshop to allow the individuals who owned businesses to become aware of their values and align with their desires. In this economy, customers began to see how their dollar became a vote for authenticity, accountability, sustainability and responsible business practices. The world of business must align with their customers’ values and their own true values to survive in the new marketplace.

GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center Training began offering corporate solutions worldwide in 2010. This expansion of our business allowed courses and seminars to be tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses with the experience of our corporate solutions team.

Today in 2018, Karen is a Teacher who offers The Living Consciously Education Classes and Workshops at Ananda Ashram, Yoga Society of New York, Inc., 13 Sapphire Road, Monroe NY 10950.

Illuminate The Dark Corners Of Your Bright Ideas©

Immerse yourself in the fire of experience to remove the virus called fear.

Stillness is the beauty of this work, as you take the new action you begin to listen to your inner voice to awaken to your inner power. We show you how!

You create insight and beauty when you begin to accept and love yourself. Discover there is no failure in life, instead, each step leads to the great power of knowledge building. With that power, you are able to love others with the same kindness.

As we awaken, we see the simplicity of life. Humans are amazing! We’ve been shown over and over again, but yet too many people hide their true Self away. Time to wake up and begin behaving in amazing ways!

When we begin to realize we are hiding in the shadows, that’s when Karen comes into “Illuminate The Dark Corners Of Your Bright Ideas.”

This wakes you up to become fully energized to take charge of your life!

Become a student of your life through the Living Consciously Education Program.